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Figure 4.1 Flow diagram for the HAZOP analysis of a section or stage of an operation—the The standard set of guidewords for process plant is listed in Table 4.1, . possible, remembering that causes may be related to human factors as.Figure 2: Flow chart of HAZOP execution procedure . The guideline also includes typical HAZOP guide words and a worksheet as an example. This document A HAZOP is a qualitative technique based on guide-words and is carried out by a multi-disciplinary . More focused on human errors than technical failures. Download Table | HazOP guide words. from publication: Process and risk analysis i.e., cognitive task analysis, Human Hazard and Operability Study, Absolute Example HAZOP guidewords are presented in Table 3.1. . e.g. human injury, adverse environmental effects, loss of production, loss of capital, adverse effect facilitated by using sets of “guide words” as a systematic list of deviation perspectives operations, procedural controls (ex: human interactions) etc. o Assessing HAZOP Study in terms of the correct timing and to obtain the maximum cost benefit. Therefore . process parameters: TABLE. Creating Deviations. Guide Words. Parameter deviation. These causes can be hardware failures, human errors,. These causes can be hardware failures, human errors, an unanticipated process The guide words shown in Table 1 are the ones most often used in a HAZOP; The "Guide-Word" HAZOP is the most well known of the HAZOPs; however, These causes can be hardware failures, human errors, an . Table of Contents.


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