This site was designed to introduce the great football fans of St. Louis to Canada's version of the NFL, THE CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (CFL).

Established in 1958, the CFL is an organization consisting of 9 teams in 2 divisions that, just like the NFL, represents the highest level of Professional Football in Canada. The 2 divisions are divided into East and West and represent 9 different cities across the country.

Unlike the NFL, the CFL regular season last for 20 weeks and runs from June to early November. Each team plays 18 games with a minimum of 2 bye weeks. In the post-season, 6 teams compete in the 3-week divisional playoffs, ending with The Grey Cup Championships which, similar to the Superbowl in the NFL, is Canada's largest annual sports and television event.Most of the teams in the CFL predate the formation of today's league, and have been competing against each other since the 1920's. The CFL was officially founded in January 1958.  Today's CFL is more than just our great game of football. It's fans sharing their excitement for what they see on the field, and what they experience off of it. Stay up to date on all the non-stop action at And join all of Canada as they celebrate the 104th Grey Cup, presented by Shaw, next November in Toronto.

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At this time there is no St. Louis Rams team within the Canadian Football League.  However it is our intent to spark the conversation and promote the concept of bringing a CFL expansion team to the city of St. Louis, for the entertainment and enjoyment of the hundreds of thousands of die-hard football fans across the Greater St. Louis region, in Missouri and Illinois.



Unless St. Louis want's to wait another 20 years for the NFL to grant us another team (as LA did), the CFL is our best option to have Professional Football in St. Louis.  So, do we waste our time begging the NFL for the next 2 decades (or more) or do we get creative, and strategic, and develop a football franchise that is…Continue

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Another CFL USA expansion COULD work, ESPECIALLY in St. Louis! 25 Replies

To begin with, allow me to say that, although I have not abandoned the NFL, myself and several of my friends and family members have embraced the Great Northern Game and hold our CFL fandom well above that of the NFL.  After all-- the NFL is a good stopgap measure for me between the Grey Cup and the start of the Australian Football League season in March!Next, I am NOT a Rams fan.  I am a displaced Washington fan originally from Virginia.  That being said, I have lived in the St. Louis area…Continue

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What would a USA Division of the CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (CFL) look like? There are many great football towns in the US that still don't have a team. Here's a few that come to mind: St. Louis (of course); Milwaukee (Green Bay is 2 1/2 hrs. away); Orlando; Portland; Memphis (They hated that the NFL put the Titans in Nashville); San Antonio, Oklahoma City and possibly San Diego and/or Oakland.   Did we miss anybody?  It only takes 4 or 5 teams to make up a division, and the East Division of the…Continue

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St. Louis is better off without the NFL Rams

there are beautiful cities all over N.A. that have no affiliation with the NFL and will not go into debt to support these guys. Now you have a chance to use the money to build your city, parks, schools, downtown, etc. and your city will grow. You don't need them and you don't need your city going into more debt to support them. You have an idea on this site for another team from a league that has a long tradition. Some of those teams were formed in the 1860's. Players in both leagues are from…Continue

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Ok, St. Louis, here's how we bring "OUR RAMS" back to St. Louis!  First, let's applaud Mr. David Peacock, and the Stadium Task Force, for doing an incredible job, giving Kroenke and the NFL all they'd asked for and more, in their attempt to keep the Rams in St. Louis. As a result of their hard work, St. Louis finds itself in the unenviable position of having a ton of cash, an awesome site picked out to build a shiny new football stadium on the St. Louis riverfront, but no football team, right? Many have given up, thrown in the towel, saying, there no'll be another 20 years before the NFL even considers putting another team in St. Louis.  But, maybe we're looking at this all wrong!  It's possible that our position may be more enviable than we think.

Since the day the Baltimore Ravens replaced the Canadian Football League (CFL) Baltimore Stallions in 1996, the CFL has been looking for a scenario that would allow them to expand "BACK" into the U.S. market.

So, let St. Louis be the opportunity that they've been waiting for. The NFL has screwed St. Louis twice. We should never forget how they snatched our beloved NFL Cardinals away from us. Now, it's time for us to take aim at them, their pocketbook, and their total control of the game that all of America, including Canada, loves so much!  By leading the way in bringing the CFL back to the U.S, with the possibility of establishing teams in other great football cities without football teams like: Memphis, Orlando, Portland, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Columbus, OH, Louisville, and possibly San Diego and Oakland, we would grab a huge portion of the NFL's fan base and revenues throughout the Midwest, South and part of the west coast.

During the 2000s the Canadian Football League had the third highest per-game attendance of any North American sports league. This kind of strong competition would not be welcomed by the monopoly that is today's NFL. It's time for true football fans...St. Louis Rams get creative. Get strategic.  And boldly go where no football town has gone before.  The NFL can't shut the door on us if we shut the door on them first.  If not the CFL, then, there will likely be a couple generations before...(continued below)



...we see another NFL team in this town. So, let's pursue other avenues.  Other option.  And whatever we do, let's take a page from the Green Bay Packers playbook: Sell shares and become a community-owned franchise. It's that type of smart thinking and creativity that has allowed Green Bay to keep their team in their town, despite being the absolute smallest market in all of professional sports in American. 

My suggestion would be: Don't blow a billion dollars building a new stadium, when the Edward Jones Dome is still a pretty awesome place to enjoy a football game. A few upgrades to the dome would be nice.  The rest could be used to finance a CFL expansion team, especially since the CFL's East Division is short one team (the West has 5 teams, the East has 4). Then, ala Green Bay, sell shares, and develop a community-owned franchise model that allows the initial private investors to recoup their investment, plus a modest ROI. 

Whatever we decide, we all know that St. Louis needs a fresh start. And no one is going to turn this town around but us!  Sometimes what we see as disaster, is often our greatest opportunity. "THIS" is our opportunity. We've never stood idly by and allowed others to put down our town as we've seen in the media the past couple weeks, and we're not going to start now, are we?  We have no choice but to look at the Rams move as a positive.  To do otherwise would be an even bigger disaster for our city. 

In times like these it doesn't matter what your political affiliation is, whether you're white or black, male or female, young, old, live in the city or suburbs. In times like these we are all St. Louisans first!  So, it's time for us to stand up and show the NFL and the rest of the country what we're made of. That we are still one hell of a town.  And if we must have a new stadium, ok.  From a riverfront development and an economic development perspective, it would take lots of great events to make it feasible, but it could be a plus for the St. Louis riverfront.The Undisputed Truth: Saint Louis is one of the greatest football cities in America! We were great fans in the days of the Football Cardinals, and we were great fans again with the St. Louis Rams. So, when Roger Goodell and crew tries to negate that truth, and thumb their noses at our valiant effort to keep our team here in St. Louis, (while San Diego and Oakland made little to no effort to keep their teams at home), it's not just disrespectful, it's an attack on who we are, and who we've always been, as one of America's truly historically great cities...older than the State of Missouri itself.  It's time for "us" to begin rebuilding our city, with a newer, fresher and cleaner image.  And we will start by taking back what Stan Kroenke tried to take away from us...Our St. Louis, Show-Me-State PRIDE.

The Final Truth: "The Greatest Show On Turf": Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Orlando Pace and company, played here, in St. Louis...NOT in L.A. The Rams have never been as good in L.A. as they were during their heyday here in our town. Great things can still happen for St. Louis, the "Saint Louis Rams", and most importantly the good people of St. Louis, if we keep our heads up and continue moving forward!  DON'T LOOK BACK!!!  Let's not drive in reverse.  Kroenke and the NFL is the past.  Leading the way for the CFL to re-enter the U.S. market is our FUTURE!  Being part of the Canadian Football League and not the NFL, would allow us to keep "our team name", The ST. LOUIS RAMS (CFL), just as Browns' fans did when the NFL relocated their team to Baltimore. This is our town!  This is our time!  No matter what struggles we face, there's one thing we can always take pride in...We are still St. Louis, and there's no city in America like our city. Now...we've got a team to build, and a stadium to fill.  That is, unless we want to wait around another 20 years for the NFL to show us favor again.





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