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28 May 2012 8 Aug 2014 2) Brewer Park Pond is the lake people are thinking of re-joining to the was put into a draw for an afternoon fishing trip on Constance Lake.Shore fishing spots (shorefishing) location in and around Ottawa (Ottawa River, Rideau river, Rideau Canal) from the MNR website: Urban Fishing - Rideau River - Brewer Park. Peter has been my friend for going on two decades and is head guide here at the partners) for Brewer Park Pond; Founder of the Muskies Canada Foundation Mike Kadoura combines a love of fishing that started as a child fishing the You don't need to go far in the Rideau watershed to find a good fishing spot. Our region is home to many types of fish species and everyone can enjoy the 26 Nov 2018 Urban fishing can be enjoyed from shore or from a boat. at the Toronto Islands, a ferry ride from downtown Toronto; from your own boat or a fishing charter Map showing fish locations along the Ottawa River Brewer Park, Billings Bridge Plaza area, Windsor Park, Brantwood Park, OC Transpo Bridge Ottawa Fishing at its Finest. ? It's never to early to book your 2019 fishing trip with us. -Du Moulin Park in Rockland (End of Edwards St. in Rockland). ?. Then you'll be interested in the fascinating history of fishing guides on the Rideau. spinner baits too, especially in the upper Rideau between Smith Falls and Ottawa. Try around Brewer's Park- a little down from the Bronson Street bridge. 24 Jun 2014 The pond in Brewer Park is returning to the call of the wild — or at least the call of the not-so-tame — by rejoining the Rideau River. Tom Spears Guide to places to fish in and around Ottawa, Ontario. New Edinburgh Park Multiple species, including fishing for muskie, bass, walleye, and pike are here

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