Unless St. Louis want's to wait another 20 years for the NFL to grant us another team (as LA did), the CFL is our best option to have Professional Football in St. Louis.  So, do we waste our time begging the NFL for the next 2 decades (or more) or do we get creative, and strategic, and develop a football franchise that is uniquely St. Louis?

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CFL in St.Louis can work and what needs to happen is the city needs to host a CFL game at the Edward Jones Dome then we need an ownership locally that has money to bring a team in STL.

Tom Stillman and Isaac Bruce rumors as a potential ownership group of a St. Louis team?  Any truth to this from St. Louis?

I haven't heard about it but hopefully that happens.

was there a spot near the stadium for tailgating? Doesn't look like it on google maps?

With the Stillman/Bruce rumors I wonder if they are thinking about a sports and entertainment business where one group or owner controls multiple sports?

New Poll -- CFL is the 2nd most popular sport in Canada behind the NHL based on a new Angus Reid Poll and the Toronto Globe and Mail. I have also posted a link to a Yahoo article that states the CFL is growing in the U.S.

Here's the link.

The stadium picture is the E.J. Dome with a CFL sized field inside it, It's a little bigger then an NFL field. Something the NFL has talked about and would dearly love to duplicate league wide.  The side stands have not been removed but the field still fits.

After reading the article, my advice to the city of St. Louis and its fans is go for it! Get Tom Stillman and Isaac Bruce to make a serious bid and convince the CFL brass that everything is solid and good for the city of St. Louis, its fans, and the CFL to have a team. So what if the first time into the US failed. We learn from our mistakes. Done right, it will work not only in St. Louis but also in other US cities. If CFL awareness is growing in the US then what is the problem? Fear? Fear is a dream killer.

If people in St.Louis shows up at the Legends of the Dome game honoring the Rams of the past in St.Louis perhaps we could see a CFL team in St.Louis

I believe the football fans in St. Louis would support their CFL team. As I have mentioned before (and many Canadians/Americans feel the same way) it would be great to see the CFL expand again into the US. All that is needed is to convince the CFL Management that there is a proper way of doing things such that it (expansion) will work not only in St. Louis but in other US cities this time.   More and more American football fans are tuning in to the CFL so that in itself is an indicator of interest in the CFL. As someone mentioned, cheering for a football team that belongs to another city is ok, but cheering for a football team that plays in your city is a completely different feeling. Personally, I´m tired of watching the same 9 teams play. I´m not saying the games are boring, far from it, it would be fun to see more variety. In Canada, I can´t see the league having more than 12 teams (and to reach this value will take some doing). The league is healthy and it needs to evolve … so expansion.

Pre season starts Wed on ESPN. Montreal at Winnipeg. If you are following from St. Louis you will know all the city names. We have a number of pre-season televised contests so keep that in mind if you tune in.  If you followed NCAA you will also see familiar faces trying to win a spot on these teams.

CFL has a nice web site at They are also on twitter, facebook, and some others, you will see them on the CFL web site. There are a lot of Americans on the CFL Forums if you are so inclined. Go back a bit on the forum and you will see the St. Louis thread. is also the broadcaster for CFL games in Canada.  40% owned by Disney ESPN and they will have a lot of info throughout the season. I cannot understand why Disney does not advertise on the CFL broadcasts.  

CFL Forum has started a St. Louis thread again  (Oct 28 - 2017)

seems the commissioner of the CFL has stated he wants to grow the CFL into something big.

was there any talk from Stillman (Blues owner) on an ownership bid from St. Louis? 


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