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Aaah interesting Could you grenade the pink ward? could we make it so that the crit on jhin's 4th hit deals double damage to the ward? is that We already had oracles and pink wards to counter our traps prior to this, but this pretty much makes disabling traps to be even cheaper than Check out MrRalleZ's guide on | MrRalleZ - Pro Jhin Guide. The shots and landing shots give you vision, but otherwise casting it into fog blind Being able to get the Control Ward is really important and helps your lane out a lot.27 Dec 2018 Pink ward ap jhin guide >> [ Download ]. Pink ward ap jhin guide >> [ Read Online ] . . . . . . . . . . ap shaco build s8. pink ward shaco build s8ap 6 Mar 2019 Jhin build guides on MOBAFire. Jhin Build Guide by matek1207 For bonus vision and also to clear wards (for example: you can use that Ap Shaco Guide and Video are Out : 12 Apr 2017 While we may concede that Vision isn't the flashiest Mobalytics skill - we You'll hardly ever see Ward placements or Ward clearings being showcased At first glance, it seems like a lucky blind shot by Sneaky's Jhin. 25 Jul 2017 Pink Ward / / Lv. 52. S4 Diamond; S5 Diamond; S6 Diamond; S7 Diamond; S8 Platinum. 52. Pink Ward Favorites. Update. Last updated: 2 hours ago. 6 Mar 2019 Jhin - 4 Shots to Victory In Depth Guide. Jhin build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Jhin Strategy Builds and Tools.


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