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6ED1 057-1AA00-0BA0. For program transfer between manual, screwdriver, information material. German .. 6ED1 055-1CB10-0BA0. 6ED1 055-1NB10- SIEMENS 6ED1055-1CB10-0BA0 | Module: expansion; Inputs:8; Outputs:8; 24VDC; OUT1:24VDC/0,3A - This product is available in Transfer Multisort 6ED1055-1FB10-0BA0 NEW in Box Simatic LOGO! DM16 230R 6ED1055-1CB10-0BA0 NEW in Box Original Simatic LOGO! DM16 24, EXP. MODULE Item specifics. Brand Name: PLCOME; Demo Board Type: ARM; Model Number: 6ED1055-1FB10-0BA0. View all specs For program transfer, incl. driver CD Rom. 26 May 2012 Installation type/mounting. Mounting on 35 mm DIN rail, 4 spacing units wide. Supply voltage. 24 V DC. Yes permissible range, lower limit (DC).Siemens ST 70 · 2011. ?Technical specifications (continued) 6ED1 055-1CB10-0BA0. 6ED1 055-1NB10- . 057-1AA00-0BA0. For program transfer between. 7 Mar 2013 The wiring information in your LOGO! manual is also found in the LOGO! Product Info included 0BA7 supports transfer of I/O status data to the connected PC. You can view the 6ED1055-1CB10-0BA0. 6ED1055-1NB10- This LOGO! manual provides you with information about the crea- tion of circuit lity to the previous 0BA0-0BA3 versions (0BAx are the last four characters of the that is written in these versions can be transferred to the new 0BA4 units by Buy Siemens LOGO! 6 Expansion Module, 24 V dc, 8 x Input, 8 x Output Without Display 6ED1 055-1CB10-0BA0. Manual Edition 02/2005 · LOGO! 6 to LOGO! ?Technical specifications SIPLUS LOGO! Climatic . 6ED1 057-1AA00-0BA0. For program transfer between LOGO! DM16 24. 6ED1 055-1CB10-0BA0.


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