I lived through the debacle of losing an NFL franchise, the Baltimore Colts. Until the CFL Stallions came to Baltimore I has supported the Philadelphia Eagles. I can understand your pain.
The Stallions drew about 30,000 fans prior to their move to Montreal, brought on by the establishment of the Ravens. I still follow the Alouettes as my adopted CFL team. 

For the most part the CFL is a pure passing league. It has a lot of action packed into 60 seconds of play.Since the playing field is large you can get plenty of scoring with just 3 downs.  The players are as skilled as NFL players but the skill set is a little different due to the league differences.

The CFL wants to expand to ten teams. Most likely the Maritime provinces. The problem has been that Hallifax-Monkton  has not come up with money for a new stadium and may not have an ownership group that can provide stability. 

Here is my advice for "bending the ear" of  CFl officials regarding a second USA expansion;

1, Be willing to give up on the "Rams". The NFL sued Jim Speros regarding the name Colts.

He did not have the same amount of financial  deep pockets as the Billionaires who own the NFL franchises. So Stallions was born.

2. Be willing to become the 10th franchise in the CFL, probably Eastern division. If you get a CFL franchise and it is successful other USA cities may follow.

3. You need a STRONG ownership group.

4. Don't "Mickey Mouse" the stadium. Have a field conform to CFL requirements. 

5. You will probable need to show a base of solid 30,000 season ticket holders. No need for PSLs!

Good luck to all Pro football fans in St. Louis and other cities screwed by the NFL..

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