Rams in the CFL? Sure, but let's not get gluttonous, OK...?

As a writer/editor for both a CFL website ( and a Rams website (, I wrote about the CFL expanding to St. Louis back in October: kudos for getting this site started! St. Louis would host an awesome CFL team. Fantastic idea. But, in light of this site's launch, i wrote this up today:

In short, let's not get too greedy or big-thinking here. The CFL currently has nine teams, which makes for some odd scheduling problems, i.e. during some holiday weekends, for example, one team must play twice in four days so that no other team gets the requisite bye. Adding a 10th team, particularly one in a market as large and viable as St. Louis, would make tons of sense.

The problem i see on this site and in reaction to it are a lot of suggestions about adding whole new divisions, essentially repeating the disaster of the 1990s when the CFL first tried US expansion.

Not to dampen anyone's enthusiasm or anything, but i'd suggest backers of the CFL in St. Louis keep the fantasies simple for now. Let's learn from the examples of over-expansion by the USFL, Arena League and the CFL itself.

St. Louis in the CFL, yea. More US cities, nay.

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