Hello to the great football fans of St Louis, I would be in favor of a CFL team in your great city but there are problems before even starting the process. Yes the CFL expanded before in the USA but the problems were not solved before starting which hurt the new franchises with the exception of Baltimore which won the Grey Cup. The first problem of course is most fans had a bit of a problem with rule differences. Do not get me wrong once an American fan is exposed to the faster based throw happy game they get hooked. So that is the first problem. Second problem is US coaches have difficulty understanding the differences and the fact bigger players on the oline and dline do not equal speed. In the CFL it is based on speed most American CFL teams back then did not follow this and soon found out they were on the losing end. A new team in a new league must show fans they can compete this did not happen. The linemen in the CFL are not large hulking guys but speed demons to get to the QB that one yard off the line of scrimage lets them get a quick start past an olineman. Olineman can be larger but they too need to be quick. The biggest hurdle is that in the rules and this is the big hold up is that each team must have 18 Canadians in their starting lineup. Now the point here is to develop Canadian football players so this is the stumbling block. US labor laws will not allow suck a restriction. However if you look at the NHL hockey teams most players have Canadian citizenship. So this is a bit puzzling why after all out of 53 players in all CFL teams are made up of US players? So why 18 Canadians on a US roster should not be looked down at. 



Coaches understanding the dynamics of the Canadian game first off Marc Trestman who coached the Chicago Bears in the NFL did poorly yet won a Canadian Championship the thing his assistants were mostly Canadian or American coaches with CFL experience. 

The Canadian player ratio for each team is the biggest problem and one that could not be fixed in the expansion to the USA. Even though now many Canadian college players have been selected in the NFL draft each year the ratio still remains.  Most starting line ups have 35  American players and 18 Canadians. 

The Canadian game is faster and his pass happy but big plays on that larger field makes it very exciting. 

So the problem I pointed out here how would you as a fan in St Louis see getting around these problems?

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