What would a USA Division of the CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (CFL) look like? There are many great football towns in the US that still don't have a team. Here's a few that come to mind: St. Louis (of course); Milwaukee (Green Bay is 2 1/2 hrs. away); Orlando; Portland; Memphis (They hated that the NFL put the Titans in Nashville); San Antonio, Oklahoma City and possibly San Diego and/or Oakland.   Did we miss anybody?  It only takes 4 or 5 teams to make up a division, and the East Division of the CFL has only 4 team (the West has 5), which leaves room for one more team as a CFL expansion team.  That position could possibly be filled by St. Louis.  Is this even IMAGINABLE?

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Really like this idea.  I live in Stl area but originally from Vegas.  I can tell you that Vegas would bet on these teams all day long! 

A division comprised of Memphis, Milwaukee, San Antonio, and St. Louis would be intriguing. Divisional games would be fairly short road trips, to compensate for the road games in Canada.

I totally agree!  Though Louisville in place of San Antonio would put all of these teams with 350 miles of St. Louis, making it extremely easy to establish a division here.

A St. Louis franchise would become one of the richest franchises in the CFL because of the cap and the fact that they would take in US. dollars. An owner could have his investment returned to him very fast if they earn a profit like the CFL mid western clubs do.  I cannot see any downside to the current owners in the CFL other than the fact that they would not want another failure in the US and the business plan has to be solid.

Another US CFL site coined the "St. Louis Americans" team name with a large flag on the side of the helmet. Just some info.

Also a successful U.S. franchise would only increase the value of other CFL teams Just as MLS teams have done.  

Memphis and San Antonio didn't work before, not sure if they would a second time. Syracuse, New York May work since most know about the CFL and a good many of their residents watch it.

As a Canadian, I'd like to see a Canadian and US conference (similar to the AL and NL in MLB).  Both would use Canadian rules but the US conference could have slight variations on end zone and/or field size (sometimes difficult to accommodate the full CFL field in US stadiums).  Both would have the same salary caps.  

6 US teams would be a good start.  maybe look at a few NHL markets (possible ownership connections) and would see if Baltimore would take another swing.  the number of teams in the US conference should not exceed the number of teams in the Canadian.  two 10 team conferences would be the goal.  

  - St. Louis

  - Columbus

  - San Jose

  - Portland

  - Hartford

  - Baltimore

the big issue to address would be the Canadian content rule (not more than 20 of 44 can be import players).  perhaps an alternative for the US teams would be a similar regional content rule (colleges in a specified zone).  


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